Seminar Highlights: Reconfigurations of Educational (In)Equality in a Digital World Team at UNISA Two-Day Seminar

Digital education is transforming the way we learn, teach, and conduct research. How can we harness its potential and address its challenges? This post summarises the key insights and outcomes of a two-day seminar on digital education hosted by the University of South Africa’s Muckleneuk Campus for the RED team, where international and local experts, researchers, and educators shared their perspectives and experiences in this emerging field. The seminar focused on global educational policies in a connected society and the role of student data in reducing educational inequalities. Some of the keynote speakers are shown in the following pictures:

November 6, 2023
Senate Hall, Day 1.

The first day was an exciting open seminar attended by respected worldwide and national professionals, researchers, and educators. Keynote speakers discussed global educational policies in a connected society and the role of student data in reducing educational inequalities and innovation issues in the digital age. The presentation encouraged active participation from the attendees, who let us know that they appreciated the opportunity to share their feedback, exchange their views, and raise their enquiries.

The whole RED group

November 7, 2023
Kgorong Building, Day 2

The second day of the conference was a hands-on workshop with international specialist researchers who demonstrated and responded to questions asked by the participants. The workshops gave attendees tasks that allowed them to better understand the topics of the previous day. Dr. Isabel Tarling led the “Unpacking and Refining Digital Standards for Basic Education” session. Edutab Africa’s Kenyan team focused on Offline Tools for ICT Integration and Teacher Professional Development, by Maxwell Fundi. Felicitas Macgilchrist spoke on Design (for) Justice, while Thomas Hillman explored the InfraReveal tool. Prof. Inés Dussel and Dr Patricia Ferrante analysed YouTube videos for teaching and learning, and Federico Williams and Felix Büchner led a session on Analysing Using Visuals/Ethnography session.

Participants at design for justice workshop

We are glad that many participants seemed to enjoy the seminar’s programmes and conversations. The event provided a platform for critical discussion on education in a digital world. The seminar’s focus on educational equality and innovation in the digital age is contemporary and relevant, shaping education’s future.